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A Different Lens

Following our diner date, we found this empty lot which at first sight may seem like an eye sore, but turned out great for the pictures. With this blog, I’ve learned to view the city from a different light. Sometimes you need to view things through a different lens to appreciate them for what they Read More →

Magic Rock

Wanting to start the weekend on a good note, I took my man out on a dinner date to our favourite sushi place in town (actually, in Canada). It’s a small and not very visible locale in the heart of downtown, which I accidentally stumbled upon last year since I used to work in the Read More →

Discover Clive

Got lazy with dinner again, so decided to go out for a walk tonight and try a new burger joint called Clive Burger on 17th Ave and 7 Street SW. If you haven’t been, I recommend you to pay them a visit. This place is awesome, the atmosphere is fun, simple and modern, and the Read More →

Omens and Whispers

While reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, I first came across the word “omen”. For lack of a better term, an omen is a sign, a glimpse into the future. Omens can be good or bad, or simply a confirmation that you are on the right track. Many of us ask for signs at different Read More →

Afternoon in the park

This weekend was hectic due to my friend’s wedding, but we found some time on Sunday afternoon to go to the park for a walk before getting ready for round two of the wedding festivities. As I walked around, I saw the faces of people going by, each with their own story; but somehow, something Read More →


Early this week we enjoyed nice weather, so after work I took advantage of the last rays of sunshine to capture some urban shots. Total coincidence, my outfit matched the background colors. Most cities have a landmark, like the CN tower in Toronto, or the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . . . you Read More →


Here we have the first step of a project I have challenged myself to take on. Feeling Urban came from the desire to sort through the constellation of ideas in my head, and to give a home to all the beautiful things, people and places that fill this wonderful world. It will be a space Read More →