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Keep Your Hat On

When you walk into a hat store, you can’t help but try on every single one just to see how it looks. It’s just fun! Some hats fit, some don’t, some look good, others not so much. You can usually count on having some laughs and a good time, though. As in life too, we Read More →

Summer Solstice

These pictures were taken on the summer solstice and officially the first day of summer! This is a very special day for me, because this day 13 years ago my family moved to Canada from Colombia. I still remember the excitement and nostalgia I felt, sad to leave friends and family behind but looking forward Read More →

Flowers & Weeds

I want to share with you a story about a little boy. My friend told me when her son was little, he used to pick up flowers for her as a present to say I love you, to say thanks or just to make her smile. One day his school friend asked him:  “Why do Read More →

First Impressions

What do you think of first impressions? And how important is the way we dress and present ourselves? I had this conversation with a couple people who were at opposite ends of the spectrum. One said it is not important, the other said it is.  It came down to personal preference. I am simply of Read More →


In every situation, we have to work with what he have at hand, and have fun doing it. In this case, summer days and sunny skies, which are perfect for playing with the light, shadows and silhouettes. Shadows make me think of the dark side, always necessary when there is light. Life is like that, Read More →

The First Step

Be my own personal hero. This is my wish. In our lives, there is always one, two, or more people we look up to for different reasons. I’m grateful to have great parents, teachers and mentors to guide me while I was growing up (and still do), but now that I am over the first Read More →

Window of Hope

Despite our difference in opinions and world views, there are things that unite us all. Hope is one of those things. These pictures were taken at a music festival last summer, where they had a tree for people to fill with their hopes and wishes. It was a great way to channel the energy that filled Read More →

New Beginnings

Finally spring has made a warmer appearance, creating a perfect occasion to bring up the hemlines, bright colours and fun prints. Spring is a time of renaissance and change. It’s a time to start anew and reinvent yourself. Time to make room for the next stage in life – whatever that may be. Always embrace life Read More →

Under the Bridge Downtown

Under the bridge downtown is where we took these shots. Going off the beaten path can often take you to wonderful places, and in this case we ended up at Elbow Island Park for our first time. Even though it looks like a forest, it’s only a few minutes from downtown along the riverside. I Read More →