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Don't Bow Your Head to No-one

I’m a firm believer in common courtesy and respect towards one another. When this is lacking, I get itchy, I can’t sit still and do nothing. I’ve graduated a little less than two years ago. In the last year I moved into a different industry, and the demands of the job are continuously increasing. It Read More →

Happiness Duty

Many things have been said about happiness. Today, I read a quote by Aristotle that said “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and the end of human existence.” I think at times (and generally with some frequency and consistency), we tend to over complicate things. We have to be Read More →

Bloom Again

Although born a city girl, I find myself enthralled by nature. Being out in the country, away from the city lights has a calming yet energizing effect on me. Often, when I am facing difficult situations I look at nature for answers. I also look to nature for strength. Next time you take a walk, look Read More →

Sturdy Up

There are things that happen to us due to the choices we’ve made, and there are things that happen that are out of our hands, yet they still affect us deeply. When our actions cannot influence an outcome, helplessness ensues. In either case, it’s a matter of time until the storm passes. We never know Read More →

Lighten up your load and...

As a kid, I loved picking up sea shells from the beach. I’d walk along the shore line, and play in the water looking for the prettiest sea shells, the ones that weren’t chipped, the most unique ones. I’d make a little sack by pulling my t-shirt out and collecting the shells inside. With every Read More →

The World is Yours

Have you ever started off on a journey/project/mission and got side tracked to the point where you were no longer working on your original goal? We all have big dreams at 18, but gradually those dreams get put on the back burner until we are no longer aware of them. I remember my first office Read More →

Gifts of the Road

 Once full of life this flower was, withering it still shines bright and full of colour, serving smiles to the passersby. If you live north of the 49th parallel, this past Sunday you were celebrating Canada Day. And lucky for us in Calgary it’s the start of a few weeks of celebrations, cowboys, and all Read More →

When Life Gives You lemons

  . . . Make lemonade! Why are we so disappointed when things go awry? We understand life cannot be perfect, yet when things stray off course we pretend like we know nothing about the equilibrium of Life, and the careful dance it performs between the positive and the negative. I’m sure when Life surprises us with a Read More →