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One thing should be said about authenticity: it’s the only way. This is an encouragement to be ourselves, going against nature is tiring and cannot last long. Embracing who we are, and being who we are is the only way. Standing on tiptoe one is unsteady. Taking long steps, one quickly tires. Showing off, one Read More →

Let your light shine bright

So I thought about this a bit more. Why are we so protective of our stuff? It’s like we’re afraid something is going to run out, and we’re not going to be able to enjoy it anymore, so we hoard.  But, when we think about it, what is really “our stuff”? We come to this Read More →

Be Vulnerable

Hello again! I’m back and fully recharged with a feeling of happiness that permeates my skin. Ahhh… Bliss! A few days in Shambhala will fill you with enough positive energy to last you for a long time! One of the many things that makes this festival so special, is the attitude people have. Everyone is Read More →

Lollipops and Roadtrips

Good morning sunshine!! Woke up to a beautiful sunrise, and sometimes you have to wonder if Life put it there just for you, to make your morning that much sweeter and set the right mood for the day. It is 5am here and we’re getting ready to hit the road. Having been anticipating this trip Read More →

My Favourite MEal

I remember being a little girl and being so scared of jumping in the deep end of the pool, or going down a tall slide. I actually remember being petrified. Sometimes it took a LOT of encouragement, sometimes it took a little tricking by my parents to get me to go in. It just looked so Read More →

Music Sounds Better With You

Calgary is the smallest city I’ve ever lived in. Because it’s a small big city it has that friendly feel of small towns, mixed with a growing urban vibe. I love this place because you get to grow with it. One of the changes I’ve seen this year, is that culturally speaking there’s a lot Read More →


I can’t believe it’s August already! This year seems to have gone by so fast, and  I’ve been craving some days off like a kid craves candy. Thankfully, this weekend is a long weekend and next week we’re headed to BC for a music festival. Shambhala here we come! A place of love and happiness, Read More →