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Add a Dash of Heart

I love all the signs that Life puts in our paths. There are times, where we notice something new in a place we frequent all the time. I’m always shocked to realize I hadn’t noticed it before, but then again I realize that it is in this particular moment that the message evokes meaning to Read More →

Look Up

There’s been a few times in my life, where I’ve made some pivotal decisions. I say pivotal, not in the sense of how important the decision was, but how big the impact was. Looking back, I can always track it down to a decision point. A point in time, where I made an agreement with Read More →

Rules and Habits

There comes a time when we are old enough to make our own rules. Although, I’ve never been a fan of rules I understand that sometimes they serve a purpose. ┬áIt is humbling to realize we can’t always get our way and scrap the rule book all together. It is also liberating when we rid Read More →

Full Circle

“No matter the deviation, all things come full circle. You begin and end your journey in the same place, but with a different set of eyes.” I read this quote and it captivated me. Life is full of experiences, some positive and some negative. Each has its own learning and it shows us to either Read More →

The Beauty in the Common

Life has been good these days, and a wave of happiness has hit me. I’ve come to understand that life is as it is, not as it should be or what I wish it would be. It has better plans for us than we could imagine, if only we allow life’s gifts to flow into Read More →


This week I told you about Tueddy, a great initiative that’s in the works at the moment and almost ready to go live. This app will simplify the way we do shopping and the way we think about fashion, revealing to us those great designers from all around the world that fit out style and Read More →

Labor Day Weekend

These days have been so busy, and I’ve struggled to keep up. It’s Labor Day weekend, and a friendly reminder that there are only a few hot summer days left in the year. It’s been a hectic few weeks trying to wrap up a few projects before the cold days come and winter finally hits Read More →

Tueddy wants to make your dreams come true

Hello everyone! I am here to tell you about how you can turn your dreams into reality. . . Got your attention? Great! Tueddy is born, and is looking for a few lucky candidates to make their dreams come true. If you think of Twitter and Facebook as your social networks, Tueddy is your social Read More →