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I started writing this post, thinking of sharing some deep thoughts about Life like I usually do, but my mind kept wondering to one specific subject. Work. Just two years ago, I was graduating from university looking for a job to start off my career. In the two years out of college, I’ve worked for the Read More →

Building Blocks

Building blocks. So simple yet so universally practical. One of the many jobs I had during university was as a swimming instructor. I had to take a few classes to learn some basic teaching skills, and one of the things I learned was that you need to break things down into smaller chunks when you Read More →


One of the things that brings us all together, is that desire to explore, to explore the world, to discover new tastes, to dream new dreams and to live different expereinces.  However through our journeys, we must not forget to cultivate a strong centre, a good foundation. We cannot forget our roots, because without them Read More →

The Sacred Path of the Warrior

 One of my favourite things to do is to go to the used book store a few blocks from our place to see what new gems await to be discovered. On our last visit, we walked in and immediately headed to the back of the store, where there were stacks of books sitting on a Read More →

Against the Current

Resistance. It’s such a powerful force, but it usually does us little good. This summer, we went floating down a river with a group of friends a few hours outside the city. At the end of the float, there’s is a cliff where you can dive off, and when once you hit the water there’s Read More →

Unsown Seeds

These past weeks have been a learning opportunity for me as I’m starting to discover how much hard work it takes to chase our dreams. I don’t appreciate when I hear my generation being described as one with a sense of entitlement, because I don’t believe it’s true in one bit. With that being said, Read More →