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Nurturing the Challenge

Sometimes we just need to let go and start living in the challenge. And keep at it. So many times we try to rush things to a conclusion, so that we can move on to the next thing. Yet, so often it is just time that situations need. Every event needs time to unfold, every Read More →

Hearts of Color

Today I read a message posted by one of my favorite DJ’s (@DJTataNudelman), she said that we needed to be humble at all times and not let ourselves get lost by the dazzle of the potential rewards. When we do something with all our heart, we can open ourselves to unimaginable opportunities. So work hard, Read More →

Yellow Bow

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Playing chess is one of the things Frank and I do together as a couple. He’s been teaching me as we go, because he is pretty good and has more experience in that territory than I do. When you play chess, both players know the rules, both players can see Read More →

Perfect Strangers

It’s interesting that sometimes the best teachers are perfect strangers, it is often them who often bestow upon us great wisdom.┬áIs it because we are too stubborn to really listen to those who love us? I digress. This year, in a place Frank and I call home, a guy stopped by to chat with us Read More →