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Thank You Life

When I was little, my mom always made me give thanks for the blessings in my life. Every major or minor achievement was always thanked for. This has been a great lesson that I’ve carried with me ever since, and one that I apply every day, usually many times throughout the day. Today, like I Read More →

Fill Your Hearts with Love

So this is Christmas . . . Time to share with your family, friends, and close ones, and eat like you haven’t had a meal all year! All jokes aside, Happy Holidays to everyone and a special message to two of my dearest friends from the other side of the world. Today and every day, Read More →


Life tends to drop messages on our paths, and often it’s the same message that we see more than once, in different places, at different times. This year one of the recurrent messages I encountered, was that everything in life is cyclical. If we look into nature, we can easily see that many things are Read More →

Being Generous with Me

I think we often underestimate the value of time, constantly rushing from one thing on our to do list to the next, from here to there, never really taking any time at all. Slowing down seems contrary to everything we know, and probably carries a certain stigma to it. No one wants to be slow. Read More →

Another Year

I can’t believe yet another year has gone by, and what an eventful year 2012 was! It is at this time that many of us start thinking of the year to come, what our goals will be for the year, the things we want to do, the places we want to visit, the habits we Read More →