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Light Touch

A light touch is necessary in every occasion, because it’s easy to be heavy, but lightness makes it possible for us to dance effortlessly from one moment to the next, like water. Water passes through rocks, boulders and grains of sand effortlessly – not trying to forcefully push things out of the way, but moving Read More →

Love 24 x 7

Happy beginning of the week my people! This week, let’s remember that love changes the world. At least, it changed my day. Last week I was driving to work and I’d left the house a little later than usual. I’m the kind of person who likes being ahead of time, so rushing had put me Read More →

Our Masterpiece

Every task is just as important as the next. Size alone doesn’t prioritize tasks, and it’s sometimes the smallest tasks that are the most important. When we say: “I have better things to do”, it really means “There’s other things I’d prefer to be doing right now”. Preferences tend to complicate things and frustrate us. Read More →

Expert in Me

Don’t let other’s definition of success intimidate you. No one knows better than you what the best thing is for you. Don’t wait for your parents, your friends, your love or your boss to tell you what to do. Be accepting of your own nature, love it, live it  and celebrate it every day. When Read More →


Every thing in life is a process. Whether you are developing a skill, or executing it, learning, creating, connecting, or pulling away, you can see that from birth to death everything is a process. When we think of life in this way, it’s easier to stay grounded and not get caught up in the highs and Read More →

Animalistic Blue

The right attitude is always a good attitude. We all have our trials and tribulations to go through in this life, but the weight of the world doesn’t have to turn our outlook sour or make us stern. In the face of trouble we must not sink beneath our anguish, but stand up straight, look Read More →

Keeping it Old School

I remember going to the music store with my dad when I was young, flipping through CD’s, asking to have a listen before buying, and walking home happily with a couple new records to listen. My dad always had a big collection of LP’s, cassettes, CD’s, you name it, he had it. Now, I can’t Read More →

Simple Math

A lot of times we want to wait for the right moment to make our move. But, when we want something, we shouldn’t play the waiting game. We should plant different seeds and see which one blossoms first. You’ll always be able to reap more when you sow more. It’s a simple math game.   Read More →

Time to Celebrate

 Well, it’s Friday my people!! Time to celebrate life and celebrate you, or each of us. We all want to feel connected, but we don’t want to reveal our true selves for fear that people won’t be as receptive to us. So we censor ourselves. As you can see, fear is always in the mix, Read More →