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On a previous post I talked about living day to day, fulfilling duties and forgetting dreams. Sometimes I wonder at what point we actually stop dreaming? Maybe we never really stop dreaming, but we definitely stop chasing dreams. Maybe it doesn’t happen at a specific point in time, but rather it’s a progression that happens Read More →


A few years ago I came across an article discussing the value of keeping our role models up to date. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Winston Churchill were all great leaders, but perhaps we should also look to our contemporaries for role models as well. The author, suggested a few names, and Mark Cuban – the Read More →

Power Pose

I found this video only a few weeks ago online, although it’s almost a year old. In this TED Talk, Amy Cuddy talks about how body language shape how others see us, and how we see ourselves. It turns out that there’s some science behind my mom always telling me to stand up straight. It seems Read More →

Kitty Says Hello

Last year I got into a fight with Fear. I figured that Fear was not a good friend to keep around. Fear was a bit of a downer, and it never really wanted to do anything I wanted to do. So we broke up. Then I started this blog, which has led to a million Read More →

Feeling Urban with Cab City

Last weekend we got invited to a fashion show by Devo Devakaran the Art Director of Cab City, a Calgary based design and clothing company. The show offered four hours of fashion, art, photography, burlesque dancers, and a live band. Did we mention the great food, refreshments and ambiance? Really, we couldn’t ask for more. But Read More →

Where Happiness Is

Our life is made up of a series of turning points, split second decisions that stir us one way or another. Sometimes it’s a big decision, like deciding whether we should accept a job offer, or if we should stay together with someone. But, more often than not, decisions end up being made in the Read More →

Magid Dust

What can I say? I’m a sucker for love! We came across this little heart on the wall while Frank and I were out for a walk downtown, on one of those unusually warm days we are so lucky to enjoy here in Calgary. Warm in relation to the season, of course, hence why I’m still Read More →