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Each morning the surfer grabbed his board, waxed it as every surfer knows to do, put on his wet suit and headed to the beach. There he sat waiting, waiting for the perfect wave. Other surfers went in the water riding all sorts of waves, getting better with each one, gaining speed and balance, even Read More →


As a little girl in school, I remember our teachers made us do little projects customized for each holiday theme, you know, little knick knacks to give to our parents as presents: happy farther’s day cards, a little snow man for the fridge during christmas time, a jewellery box made out of popsicle sticks for Read More →


Spring is full of casual weekends of dinner plans, coffee dates and the mandatory booty shake, as per weekend status and all. Our bodies are telling us to start warming up for another super-fun-and-crazy summer, so we begin to partake in a couple shenanigans until our senses have been tuned in to only the finest. Read More →


A friend who’s been married for 34 years told me that the secret to a long marriage is to never stop courting your spouse. He said it’s important to keep being affectionate towards one another, to kiss, and to keep the romance alive. As with everything else in life, relationships need upkeep. Just like plants Read More →


I’m always a little taken aback when someone opts to give anyone else the benefit of the doubt. I’m surprised, because at times I find myself jumping quickly into conclusions that tend to paint others in not the best light. Yet, in the last little while it’s a lesson that keeps popping up. When you Read More →

Tales of the City

Life is just full of surprises of the pleasant kind. A quick trip for some grub, lead to an impromptu dance session with two new friends (Alicia and her son), while a band jammed to some sweet tunes. I also met an ex-tank-commander and left with nice smelling soap and a box of skin care products. Read More →

Mrs. T

The thing with questions is that many will go unanswered. Why did this happen to me? Why do I have to get sick right before an exam? Why does it have to rain on my wedding day? Why doesn’t he like me? Why I am being asked to do something I don’t know how to Read More →

Urban Cowgirl

The more we practice, the luckier we get. The more we do something, the more it clicks and the better we get at it. That’s true for everything, even for learning. I’ve noticed that as we get older, the desire to learn and explore tends to decrease over time. Perhaps we pick up a puzzle, Read More →

Urban Cowboy

I love living in a city where cowboy boots are acceptable, making it possible to  pull off a mix of western and urban all in one look. As you can see from the pics below, I’m not the only one with a sweet spot for the good old western look. Except in this case, the Read More →

The Shoe that doesn't Fit

I love that little things can say so much about one person. By looking at the picture above you can draw so many conclusions, and although you don’t really know a person until you know a person, you can still see that the shoes really fit their  respective owners. This is also my cleverly fitting Read More →