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In light of the recent events (Alberta Floods 2013), I started thinking about what a powerful force water can be. Last month there were forest fire advisories  and warnings due to a lack of rain. Today our rivers rush at great speeds overflowing their banks due to the massive amount of rain we’ve had in such a Read More →


One of the pleasures in life is good eating. You know, the kind of food that makes you flinch in disbelief at the explosion of flavours that fill your mouth. Well, that happened to me this past weekend, when we stopped at Eau Claire Market for lunch and discovered Jackie’s Thai. Wow!  Absolutely delicious, it’s Read More →


  It bothers me that the tiniest things can get the best of us. When that happens, I try to remember what my grandpa used to say: “Worse things have happened”. To gain some perspective I start by naming the root cause of my temper flare. Am I going to let spilled coffee ruin my Read More →


Scoot. Make room. If our lives are becoming too full, maybe it’s time to chuck something and make room for the new. I keep an empty shelf at home as a reminder that I don’t have to fill everything up to the very top. It’s nice to travel light, literally and figuratively. If you are Read More →


Being ready is a funny concept, mostly because we all have really high standards, and therefore to us, being ready means being ready to be awesome. Absolutely awesome. But, no one is born knowing everything. Actually, we are all born knowing nothing. Everything we know, we have learned over the years.  I remember getting my Read More →