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Happy Friday my friends! And to help you get your weekend started on a high note, Frank and I wanted to share our first mixed tape, Come party with us! to get you groovin’ tonight, tomorrow and all weekend long.  Party With Us – Happy Friday Mixtape #001 by Monkey Twerk on Mixcloud Thanks for Read More →


What happens when we can do something but won’t do it?  Nothing. Sames as when talent is left undeveloped, unexplored and unused. Nothing happens. I could make that look better. But, I didn’t. So, it’s still an eye sore, and I am still an observer. I could run 10k. But, I didn’t. The road is Read More →


Doubts are like weeds, they just pop up everywhere for no reason, and we constantly have to tend to them so they don’t take over our garden. Likewise, there’s always a voice telling you to stop being naïve and get real, or to settle for something smaller, more attainable.  If we don’t control our thoughts, Read More →


I remember when I first heard about the Titanic, before Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet turned this story into a box office hit, before millions of teenage girls lined up time and time again in theatres around the globe  waiting to ball their eyes out as they watched that dramatic scene in the ocean, where Read More →


Stay full, and stay in a state of love because it is in this state that we can give the most of us. When we allow ourselves to get irritated and caught up in the pettiness of the moment, our thoughts run wild, and we get defensive. On the other hand, when we are happy Read More →


In ten years you will arrive. The question is where? How hard it can be to dream big, my friends! Big dreams are scary, full of unanswered questions, complete uncertainty, and a majestic potential for failure. But, there’s also a possibility that you will live a life that does not even fit in your wildest Read More →


Moving. This is something I’ve done plenty of since I was 13. In the last five years of school, prior to university, I went to four different schools. Mind you, if my parents hadn’t moved our family to Canada back in 1999, I would’ve graduated with the same friends I went to grade one with. Read More →


Catching artists doing their craft is a unique and special experience, at least in Alberta where artists and performers don’t generally roam the streets. This year, we have been enjoying an Indian summer and with it lots of warm September days, so two weekends ago, Frank and I went to the Alberta Legislature for an Read More →

Picture 2046

When I say pick something you love, understand that you are not going to love it every moment of every day. I love blogging, but sometimes it’s hard to sit down and write. When I say I love to DJ, it doesn’t mean I don’t get discouraged, frustrated, or lazy. Those feelings will always be Read More →


After having an amazing time at Shambhala year after year, Frank and I started toying with the idea of becoming DJ’s. We talked about it casually time and time again, but that was that. One day we started playing with a DJ app on our laptop and loved it, but quickly found out that we Read More →

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