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These are some old shots that were never published, but seemed quite fitting for today. Happy Halloween my friends!! Thank you for reading! ^_^               On the same note . . . Tree of life Lead your life Going for the great


When we affix our motivation to a certain result, we can easily see that if the outcome is not what we expect, we can quickly lose our interest and motivation, and as a result we end up abandoning our goals. It also probably doesn’t help us one bit that we are as impatient as we Read More →


Back in university, we were assigned an activity that had a huge impact on me. We had to develop our own Tree of Life (for more info click here), a depiction of our life based on our values (the roots), our strengths (the core/trunk), our life domains (boughs), our goals and achievements (both positive and Read More →


My friends!! I’m so excited to tell you that Frank & I have just launched a new website, where we’ve uploaded our Happy Friday Mixtapes, photos and more. You can also find us on Facebook, so make sure you like our page so that you can listen to our sets, get music recommendations and Read More →


When was the last time you raised the bar? We must raise our expectations of what we will accomplish and how we will accomplish it. This will challenge us to do things differently, to think bigger, and to think of new ways of achieving what we want. I have to admit that I cringe at Read More →


Calgary is full of awesomeness, and one of my favourite places is without a doubt the Gorilla House. Frank took me there a few months ago for a surprise date that surprised us both. Never having been there, we didn’t know what to expect. The Gorilla House is a magical place that brings together artists Read More →


When I forget my phone at home, or it’s uncharged, I feel like I’m missing a limb. We are so dependent on these devices for everything, from social media, to email, to getting directions to that cool new place you can’t seem to remember where it’s at. Our phones can literally do almost everything for Read More →


The issue with aiming for a concrete idea, which on one side gives us the comfort of security, of knowing, and that false sense of control we always search for, is that it restricts us to a pigeon hole. Ideas are ever flowing and dynamic, and as with everything else in life, generally come with Read More →


Don’t be seduced into being invisible, into not creating anything, because we are all capable of making art. Art is not just for artists, art is simply making something, finding creative solutions, sharing with other people that light which is within us, in whatever form that might be expressed as. Let’s not allow ourselves to be Read More →


I sometimes find that driving for an external goal is easier than driving for a personal one. For example, performing well at work is easier than getting myself to the gym every day, because at work I have other people to impress and to prove myself to; I am reporting to someone other than myself, Read More →

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