One of the many blessings of blogging is that it has made me more aware. Writing challenges you to come up with creative ideas to share with the world. It also challenges you to develop the ideas that float around in your head, to hone your thoughts, and clarify your stance. You have to keep your eyes and ears open, take everything in, notice the little details, take notes, all so that you can connect the dots and shed some light where it was dark before. These three lessons brought a lot of light into my life lately, and I want to share them with you, too.

1). What is the lesson? –  I saw this written on my friend’s fridge, and these four words captured my attention and helped me move away from a difficult moment into a more serene place. These four words are like a bridge in the scale of time, like flat stones protruding from the water helping us get across a running stream. When things don’t go according to plan, it can be difficult and slow for us to switch gears, let go, and move on. But, if we simply take a moment to ask ourselves what can be learned from a particular situation, the lesson we take can fill the gap left between our expectations and the reality of life and help us arrive at the next moment in time a lot quicker and armed with newly acquired wisdom and a clear mind.

2). Sometimes you have to say NO, to make space to say YES to other things. This one came from one of the shoe fairies and fellow blogger Kendall Barber. Sometimes our lives get too full, but we still want more and more and more. So we push ourselves to exhaustion, half-assing* the 103 jobs we manage to complete in one day, until a slight breeze knocks down our fragile house of cards. This tendency to believe we need to do it all is harmful and unproductive. With each lesson, with each failure, with each success, and with each new enterprise we must leave something behind.

3). Frank’s way of being happy is appreciating everything around him – This one came from an old roommate of Frank’s, and it touched me deeply and warmed my heart because it captured so perfectly Frank’s attitude towards life. The challenge though is that sometimes we allow our dreams and expectations to cloud our reality to the point where we feel dissatisfied for not being quite where we want to be, only to miss out on seeing and appreciating our fortunes, which are always abundant, tailored to each of us, and oh so timely, though we may not always understand it as such.

Life is a path of constant learning, and sometimes little reminders of simple truths are what we need to move with confidence from one moment to the next.

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For me one of the easiest ways to put an outfit together is to play with colour. Sometimes there are colour combinations that grab my attention, like the orange and navy skies at dawn; other times it’s colours that I see on a printed fabric, which was the case with this purple, blue, beige and black outfit. I see colours together that I like and my thoughts immediately start sorting through my mental closet looking for pieces that match. I can’t help it, inspiration is everywhere.


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