I was so excited when my friend and fellow blogger Emily Barnett from Living 11 let me know about Burst , a fashion show she was working on, ¬†which was going to be featuring glass couture pieces from around the world, including a number of pieces from local and Canadian artists. Ok, so back up a little bit, did I say glass couture? What? How is this even possible? Who even came up with this idea and how? This is brilliant, innovative, and unprecedented (at least in Calgary, and I’m sure in most parts of the world). I have so many pictures to show you , which I narrowed down from close to a million, but how can I discard certain pictures when the pieces were so astonishing. It truly was a show not to miss, but not to worry, I hear they are already thinking about bringing it back next year, and who knows maybe it will come to a city near you!

IMG_1439 IMG_1440 IMG_1442 IMG_1445 IMG_1454 IMG_1453 IMG_1451 IMG_1447 IMG_1448 IMG_1449 IMG_1438 IMG_1437 IMG_1434 IMG_1443 IMG_1435 IMG_1427 IMG_1430 IMG_1428 IMG_1431 IMG_1429 IMG_1425 IMG_1426 IMG_1423 IMG_1464 IMG_1465 IMG_1466 IMG_1461 IMG_1463 IMG_1468 IMG_1469 IMG_1470 IMG_1471 IMG_1446

The show was absolutely breathtaking. The organizers payed so much attention to detail creating an elegant world made of glass, from the runway to the drink “tickets”, a world where amazing music filled the air and delicious food tantalized our senses. Congratulations to Emily, the artists, and the rest of the team that helped create an evening that felt like a dream.


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  1. Great pictures. Nice talent. I enjoyed the show too.

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