You may have heard about the Heart Truth Campaign, which aims to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke being a leading cause of death for women in Canada. What started in Toronto as a media invite only fashion show that had a parade of Canadian celebrities walk the runway modeling red gowns from top Canadian designers, was brought to Calgary in the form of a fundraiser by the beautiful Shahr Savizi and co-organizer Jacqueline Tyler, two remarkable women making wonderful things happen. 

Nothing short of amazing, Shahr runs about  50 events per year ranging from the Tim Hortons Smile Cookie campaign that benefits the Neonatal Intensive care units to golf tournaments and other fundraising events. Being in the industry, Shahr also gets to attend numerous events throughout the year, and the Heart Truth Fashion Show in Toronto piqued her interest because there was nothing of this caliber out west. After getting buy in from her employer, Shahr decided to bring the magic to Calgary and started recruiting volunteers to make it all happen. Without a doubt, the most significant addition to the team was Jacqueline Tyler, a PR professional who works side by side with Shahr, and together they hold the reigns of this wonderful event. 

What is remarkable is that this event is based entirely on volunteer efforts, and the time and effort that Shahr dedicated was completely outside of her regular working hours. It was not a job requirement but an addition, and it was simply her drive and determination that made it all happen. Running an event of this stature is a full time project on its own, but Shahr figured out a way to fit it in to her already packed schedule. Intrigued, I asked her what her motivation was, to which she simply replied, “Reaching my potential”. Shahr says we all have potential within us, and to not explore and cultivate it is a waste of time. One of her role models and biggest source of inspiration is her grandma, who was one of the first women in her family to attain post secondary education, and at the young age of 16 was the first woman recruited in the railway company in Iran as a translator. She said that if her grandma was able to accomplish so much back then in Iran, she surely could and had to do more living in Canada. 

Shahr uses her amazing event planning skills to make a contribution to the world. Besides her full time job at The Calgary Health Trust, organizing the Heart Truth Fashion show, Shahr also serves on the board of the Famous Five Foundation, which celebrates women in leadership. The Famous Five were five Alberta women who changed the future of all Canadian women, when they petitioned Canada’s Supreme Court for women to be considered as persons by the law. Need I say more? Hats off to Shahr for cultivating her potential, going after her dreams, making shit happen and sharing with us a few tips to help along the way:

  Faith – Do what you have to, and trust that you are where you need to be. 

Confidence – Of the unshakable kind. “If I’m doing something, it will be successful.”

Humility – Don’t be too humble, believe in your ability. Own it!

Shahr, you are an inspiration and we celebrate you!

Shahr & Jacqueline

Shahr & Jacqueline

Final Heart Truth_n Corazon Pasarela Heart on the floor Vestido Rojo Group Pid

Photos via The Heart Truth Fashion Show: AYuen Photo, Eric Epie, Fashion Sign Magazine and Chuck Szmurlo.

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