Greetings beautiful people and welcome to Feeling Urban!

What is it?

http://FeelingUrban.com is an urban blog about life in the city, fashion, music, art and more.

Who am I?

I am Adriana Briceno, a DJ, blogger, comfort expert and fashion lover. I started this blog as a space for inspiration because it doesn’t matter who we are we are always trying to figure out our way around, and figure out how we can become better people. Here I share stories about people that inspire me, thoughts that keep me up, motivate me, as well as some cool events or places happening throughout the cities I live in. Every city has its charm, and I love to share with you those gems I find, whether they’re restaurants, yoga studios, events, or where to get your next fashion find. My message is one of love and happiness, and I always say Thank you Life!

Where I’ve been

I currently live in Canada, between Calgary and Edmonton (depending on the day of the week), but I’ve also lived in Colombia, Mexico, and Taiwan. Just like my life has spread across continents, my job experience has also spread across various industries from corporate to non-profit. I’ve done a bit of this and that, but now it’s time to share with you a bit of what I love to love!

Where I’d like to go

To infinity and beyond!!! I want to live Life LARGELY. I’ve always pictured myself as an old grandma surrounded by all my grandchildren telling them all the funny and crazy stories about my life. Experiences and adventures turn into stories and stories make a rich life. That to me is success – that, and laugh-lines.
So let’s go out there and get to know the world, and share with the world who we are. Because the world needs each of us. Our true us, with all that flavor! Whatever your calling is, the world needs us. Everything we need, we already have. So let’s go. Or if you don’t know where to start, or don’t know what to do, this blog we’ll get you going, or at least give you an idea for a nice outfit to wear, while you take over the world. Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Pinky? ^_^


Tell me what you think ;)

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