Find something you love, and make that your job. A simple formula for happiness and success, but it’s easier said than done! With so many options out there, which one is right for us? How do I know if I’m going to like it, if I’ve never done it before? How can I find what my true calling is? As with everything in life, it is simply a process. It’s a process of discovery, like when a designer wants to put out a new model. She doesn’t arrive at a final product in her first attempt. There are drafts, changes, ideas discarded, re-do’s, tweaks, reviews and much more before the final decision is made.
Prior to starting this blog, my routine had become one of going to work and partying with friends on the weekends. Work hard, play hard. But there’s a risk to putting all your eggs in one basket (or in this case two). I felt like I needed more art in my life. So, I started sewing. First by hand, then once I purchased one, with a sewing machine. I made a few things, and although I love fashion, and I like sewing, it didn’t stick. I had also been reading blogs for a couple years, so I started one. Frank and I wanted to DJ, so we got some equipment and lessons, and here we are. I say this not to brag, but simply to show that where you start is not always where you end up. Some things stick, some don’t. One idea can lead to something you never imagined. But, you don’t get there on day one.
Don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices we have, just pick something and see where it takes you. The adventure awaits you.

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