After having an amazing time at Shambhala year after year, Frank and I started toying with the idea of becoming DJ’s. We talked about it casually time and time again, but that was that. One day we started playing with a DJ app on our laptop and loved it, but quickly found out that we couldn’t do everything we wanted to. So, that day, we went out and bought more sophisticated equipment, and after playing with it for a few months realized that it was a steep learning curve, and it could be easier if we had someone showing us the ropes. Things are always easier when you have someone show you how it’s done, but where do you find a DJ teacher?

We did a Google search and found Beat Drop, a DJ and music production school in Calgary. Frank went to meet with Mitch Lee, its founder, to ensure they were legit haha because you never know! As Mitch puts it, “DJ-ing is something you either learn in your basement, or you have a friend who is a DJ to teach you.” He started Beat Drop a couple years ago, for this exact same reason. We had nothing like this in Calgary, and it was a great opportunity to cultivate local talent and help grow the industry. I thank him dearly, because learning by trial and error would have been a much longer and frustrating process.

To celebrate their new space right on 17th (I know, it’s sexy too!), Beat Drop is having an open house this Saturday and Sunday (Sept 14 and 15) from 1pm – 3pm. If you stop by, you’ll be able to ask questions about their courses and certificates, but more importantly you’ll get a chance to test drive their equipment and workstations – for FREE! If any of you feel inspired to learn about DJ or music production, like I did, you can get 10% off by entering “Adriana” as the discount code.

You’re welcome! Hahaha =P


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