Although born a city girl, I find myself enthralled by nature. Being out in the country, away from the city lights has a calming yet energizing effect on me. Often, when I am facing difficult situations I look at nature for answers. I also look to nature for strength.
Next time you take a walk, look around and notice nature in the urban setting.  Trees inject so much life into to a city. Most often than not trees are extraneous to their setting, having been planted there by us. These pictures were taken at Central Memorial Park, which is the oldest park in Calgary. As I walked around and I looked at the trees, I couldn’t help but be filled with amazement for their strength and endurance. Trees face an ever changing environment, there’s rain and there’s drought, natural cycles of life; but, there are also the toxic fumes and chemicals that harm the environment and that we are responsible for. Regardless, trees continue to grow, to shed their foliage, and bloom again. We have to remember that despite the harsh environment we may be facing at a point in time, we must remain true to our nature and bloom again.
I love living in a city where you can dress up like a cowgirl once a year for a week without looking out of place. It’s an awesome look for everyone, I swear it makes everyone look more attractive! Frank brought this hat from his trip to Peru, and I absolutely adore it! It’s hand woven creating a very unique effect.

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