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Life has a way of auditing when you are being true to yourself, says the eternal artist, Jason Lamacraft who has been painting for over 15 years as a passion and as a therapeutic outlet for everything that life throws at him. Since we met, almost a decade ago, he’s been drawing, designing and painting, Read More →


Calgary is full of awesomeness, and one of my favourite places is without a doubt the Gorilla House. Frank took me there a few months ago for a surprise date that surprised us both. Never having been there, we didn’t know what to expect. The Gorilla House is a magical place that brings together artists Read More →


Don’t be seduced into being invisible, into not creating anything, because we are all capable of making art. Art is not just for artists, art is simply making something, finding creative solutions, sharing with other people that light which is within us, in whatever form that might be expressed as. Let’s not allow ourselves to be Read More →


Catching artists doing their craft is a unique and special experience, at least in Alberta where artists and performers don’t generally roam the streets. This year, we have been enjoying an Indian summer and with it lots of warm September days, so two weekends ago, Frank and I went to the Alberta Legislature for an Read More →


When I started writing this blog in May of last year, I was at a pivotal point in my life, trying to make sense of many things, trying to find out where I stand and what I stand for, and trying to find inspiration. None of us have all the answers and we never will. Read More →


Spring sometimes arrives with difficulty, but once it arrives, it arrives in full bloom. And just like the trees and flowers are showing their first blossoms, there’s also been a lot of activity blog-wise that I’m super excited to share with you. I’ve been blessed with meeting some wonderful people, which are making things happen Read More →


  When people talk about having a childlike innocence, I think they are referring to being non-discriminatory (i.e. not picky). You give a kid a colouring book and he’s a happy camper, you give him toys, marbles, sticks, rocks, balls, basically he’s happy with whatever you put in front of him. It’s not hard to Read More →


Don’t play it small. Playing small takes away from you and the whole world. No need for that. You are awesome. Last week in Calgary a super cool event was running which transformed an entire city block into a work of art, which will be demolished later on this year. There were about 8 to Read More →


Each morning the surfer grabbed his board, waxed it as every surfer knows to do, put on his wet suit and headed to the beach. There he sat waiting, waiting for the perfect wave. Other surfers went in the water riding all sorts of waves, getting better with each one, gaining speed and balance, even Read More →


A few years ago I came across an article discussing the value of keeping our role models up to date. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Winston Churchill were all great leaders, but perhaps we should also look to our contemporaries for role models as well. The author, suggested a few names, and Mark Cuban – the Read More →

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