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When I met with Shawtee Re, an up and coming Canadian hip hop artist from Calgary, I felt inspired. As of today, she’s signed with Sony Red in New York and is working with music producers that have worked with Kelly Rowland and Nelly for their song Dilemma. A natural hustler with big aspirations, she’s Read More →


Today, I woke up to -40 degree weather, which meant I had to put too much clothing on and fight that little voice in my head that told me to go back to bed and curl up under my blankets. But, no such luck when you live in a country where half the year is Read More →


Life has a way of auditing when you are being true to yourself, says the eternal artist, Jason Lamacraft who has been painting for over 15 years as a passion and as a therapeutic outlet for everything that life throws at him. Since we met, almost a decade ago, he’s been drawing, designing and painting, Read More →


Philthkids  When we begin a journey it is difficult to determine all the twists and turns we are going to face along the way. What begins with a feeling turns into an idea, and that idea evolves into a game where we don’t always know the players, and we don’t always know how to play. Read More →

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If you’ve been following me on Instagram and reading my blog, you already know about Beat Drop, the music production and DJ school in Calgary where Frank and I learned to DJ. Not only are they a wicked crew of super talented artists, but they are also constantly running events and workshops that help get Read More →


You may have heard about the Heart Truth Campaign, which aims to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke being a leading cause of death for women in Canada. What started in Toronto as a media invite only fashion show that had a parade of Canadian celebrities walk the runway modeling red gowns from top Read More →


Everything has its pro’s and con’s and, though it’s been cold and snowy outside, there’s plenty to be enjoyed inside. The mood today seemed to be missing a burning log in the fireplace, so I conceded and lit one up. With the fire burning, music needed to fill the air, not a better moment for Read More →


This was my face this morning, when I woke up and saw it was snowing outside. That was pretty much my face the whole time we were having brunch. Sure that white stuff used to come way before in earlier years, but it I was growing so fond of the warm autumn days that watching Read More →


Calgary is full of awesomeness, and one of my favourite places is without a doubt the Gorilla House. Frank took me there a few months ago for a surprise date that surprised us both. Never having been there, we didn’t know what to expect. The Gorilla House is a magical place that brings together artists Read More →


Inspiration is something I draw from the things I read, the lessons in life, and the people that cross my path. I met Elissa Farnham, many moons ago, while we were both working at a call centre and going to school. Her journey has inspired me because I see in her an insatiable desire to Read More →

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