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Tres Carnales

Being new to Edmonton, a few friends recommended us to check out Tres Caranales for the best tacos in town. Arriving at the restaurant, I had already in mind what I was going to order: tacos al pastor, a classic that never disappoints. But Christopher, one of the owners, and best latino in the body Read More →


One of the pleasures in life is good eating. You know, the kind of food that makes you flinch in disbelief at the explosion of flavours that fill your mouth. Well, that happened to me this past weekend, when we stopped at Eau Claire Market for lunch and discovered Jackie’s Thai. Wow!  Absolutely delicious, it’s Read More →


I love the feeling you get when you discover a new place that you know makes your city a better place. On our way to a dinner party at a friend’s, Frank and I stopped at a corner store that took us back in time. Decorated in a 1920′s theme, Old School Emporium is not Read More →


Spring is full of casual weekends of dinner plans, coffee dates and the mandatory booty shake, as per weekend status and all. Our bodies are telling us to start warming up for another super-fun-and-crazy summer, so we begin to partake in a couple shenanigans until our senses have been tuned in to only the finest. Read More →


Every thing in life is a process. Whether you are developing a skill, or executing it, learning, creating, connecting, or pulling away, you can see that from birth to death everything is a process. When we think of life in this way, it’s easier to stay grounded and not get caught up in the highs and Read More →

My Favourite MEal

I remember being a little girl and being so scared of jumping in the deep end of the pool, or going down a tall slide. I actually remember being petrified. Sometimes it took a LOT of encouragement, sometimes it took a little tricking by my parents to get me to go in. It just looked so Read More →

Magic Rock

Wanting to start the weekend on a good note, I took my man out on a dinner date to our favourite sushi place in town (actually, in Canada). It’s a small and not very visible locale in the heart of downtown, which I accidentally stumbled upon last year since I used to work in the Read More →

Discover Clive

Got lazy with dinner again, so decided to go out for a walk tonight and try a new burger joint called Clive Burger on 17th Ave and 7 Street SW. If you haven’t been, I recommend you to pay them a visit. This place is awesome, the atmosphere is fun, simple and modern, and the Read More →