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I remember when I first heard about the Titanic, before Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet turned this story into a box office hit, before millions of teenage girls lined up time and time again in theatres around the globeĀ  waiting to ball their eyes out as they watched that dramatic scene in the ocean, where Read More →


May long weekend marks the unofficial start of summer, and if this weekend is any indication of what this summer is going to be like, it will be fun, action packed and filled with good company. May long weekend is always uncertain when it comes to the weather, and although we had initially planned for Read More →


I love the feeling you get when you discover a new place that you know makes your city a better place. On our way to a dinner party at a friend’s, Frank and I stopped at a corner store that took us back in time. Decorated in a 1920′s theme, Old School Emporium is not Read More →