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When I met with Shawtee Re, an up and coming Canadian hip hop artist from Calgary, I felt inspired. As of today, she’s signed with Sony Red in New York and is working with music producers that have worked with Kelly Rowland and Nelly for their song Dilemma. A natural hustler with big aspirations, she’s Read More →


In case you missed it and you need a wicked start to the weekend, here are our Happy Friday Mixtapes, only for you, only from us, with lots of love and great bobbin’ beats.  Hot n’ Sweaty – Happy Friday Mixtape #003 by Monkey Twerk on Mixcloud Funky Monkey – Happy Friday Mixtape #002 by Read More →


Philthkids  When we begin a journey it is difficult to determine all the twists and turns we are going to face along the way. What begins with a feeling turns into an idea, and that idea evolves into a game where we don’t always know the players, and we don’t always know how to play. Read More →

Push Event18

If you’ve been following me on Instagram and reading my blog, you already know about Beat Drop, the music production and DJ school in Calgary where Frank and I learned to DJ. Not only are they a wicked crew of super talented artists, but they are also constantly running events and workshops that help get Read More →


Everything has its pro’s and con’s and, though it’s been cold and snowy outside, there’s plenty to be enjoyed inside. The mood today seemed to be missing a burning log in the fireplace, so I conceded and lit one up. With the fire burning, music needed to fill the air, not a better moment for Read More →

MT Nov 5

Happy Tuesday friends! One day closer to the weekend is a perfectly good reason to celebrate. And if you are going to celebrate, you might as well get a sweet soundtrack for the occasion. Don’t stress, Monkey Twerk has you covered! Just sit back and let the music soothe your soul.  Party With Us – Read More →


My friends!! I’m so excited to tell you that Frank & I have just launched a new website, where we’ve uploaded our Happy Friday Mixtapes, photos and more. You can also find us on Facebook, so make sure you like our page so that you can listen to our sets, get music recommendations and Read More →


Monkey Twerk has attacked yet again with a sweet funky mix to get your weekend started just like it should. Say hello to Funky Monkey, courtesy of yours truly, Frank & Adri, with a lot of love.  Happy weekend my friends!! Funky Monkey – Happy Friday Mixtape #002 by Monkey Twerk on Mixcloud Thanks for Read More →


Happy Friday my friends! And to help you get your weekend started on a high note, Frank and I wanted to share our first mixed tape, Come party with us! to get you groovin’ tonight, tomorrow and all weekend long.  Party With Us – Happy Friday Mixtape #001 by Monkey Twerk on Mixcloud Thanks for Read More →


After having an amazing time at Shambhala year after year, Frank and I started toying with the idea of becoming DJ’s. We talked about it casually time and time again, but that was that. One day we started playing with a DJ app on our laptop and loved it, but quickly found out that we Read More →

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