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Our daily routine can sometimes make the days seem long and endless, meanwhile we all look back in amazement at a year gone by toO quickly. These are the contradictions of life, both wrong and right at the same time. 2013 kicked my ass and put me to bed for the last days of the Read More →


I sometimes find that driving for an external goal is easier than driving for a personal one. For example, performing well at work is easier than getting myself to the gym every day, because at work I have other people to impress and to prove myself to; I am reporting to someone other than myself, Read More →


Why do we run away from the things we love? If we love the sun, why do we close the blinds? If we love the rain, why do we hide inside? If we love to be happy, why do we choose to stay mad? There’s a certain discomfort with the unusual, with letting our hairs Read More →


I remember when I first heard about the Titanic, before Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet turned this story into a box office hit, before millions of teenage girls lined up time and time again in theatres around the globe  waiting to ball their eyes out as they watched that dramatic scene in the ocean, where Read More →


In ten years you will arrive. The question is where? How hard it can be to dream big, my friends! Big dreams are scary, full of unanswered questions, complete uncertainty, and a majestic potential for failure. But, there’s also a possibility that you will live a life that does not even fit in your wildest Read More →


Catching artists doing their craft is a unique and special experience, at least in Alberta where artists and performers don’t generally roam the streets. This year, we have been enjoying an Indian summer and with it lots of warm September days, so two weekends ago, Frank and I went to the Alberta Legislature for an Read More →


May long weekend marks the unofficial start of summer, and if this weekend is any indication of what this summer is going to be like, it will be fun, action packed and filled with good company. May long weekend is always uncertain when it comes to the weather, and although we had initially planned for Read More →


We never begin with the result, and the result never comes at the beginning. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: everything is a process. The thing is that we are so used to things happening so quickly that the mere thought of going through a process puts us outside our comfort zone. The discomfort Read More →

Window of Hope

Despite our difference in opinions and world views, there are things that unite us all. Hope is one of those things. These pictures were taken at a music festival last summer, where they had a tree for people to fill with their hopes and wishes. It was a great way to channel the energy that filled Read More →

Under the Bridge Downtown

Under the bridge downtown is where we took these shots. Going off the beaten path can often take you to wonderful places, and in this case we ended up at Elbow Island Park for our first time. Even though it looks like a forest, it’s only a few minutes from downtown along the riverside. I Read More →