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What a good feeling it is to be loved. It has the sweetest taste, like your very favourite food in the whole wide world, it has the most fragrant aroma, like freshly brewed coffee in the morning, it has the softest touch, like the skin of a baby, but it touches you deeply and it Read More →


When I was in high school back in Colombia, my parents got called in for a meeting with the principal of the school. During the meeting, my dad told me that the Principal went off expressing himself in very negative terms when referring to me. My dad would not let him continue bashing me, so Read More →


  When Frank and I started dating, we were living in different cities. We would talk on the phone or on Skype every day or almost every day, until we’d be reunited somewhere across Canada for a short adventure until we parted ways yet again. One night on the phone, Frank asked me to sing Read More →

Passionate Kiss

A passionate kiss will always be better than a simple peck. So, take the time to greet each other properly and passionately. Running and jumping into each other’s arms is also allowed. This type of behaviour should not be reserved only for the movies, so let’s bring it in to our lives. PS: This was Read More →