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Our daily routine can sometimes make the days seem long and endless, meanwhile we all look back in amazement at a year gone by toO quickly. These are the contradictions of life, both wrong and right at the same time. 2013 kicked my ass and put me to bed for the last days of the Read More →


I remember when I first heard about the Titanic, before Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet turned this story into a box office hit, before millions of teenage girls lined up time and time again in theatres around the globe  waiting to ball their eyes out as they watched that dramatic scene in the ocean, where Read More →


This week I told you about Tueddy, a great initiative that’s in the works at the moment and almost ready to go live. This app will simplify the way we do shopping and the way we think about fashion, revealing to us those great designers from all around the world that fit out style and Read More →

Tueddy wants to make your dreams come true

Hello everyone! I am here to tell you about how you can turn your dreams into reality. . . Got your attention? Great! Tueddy is born, and is looking for a few lucky candidates to make their dreams come true. If you think of Twitter and Facebook as your social networks, Tueddy is your social Read More →

Lollipops and Roadtrips

Good morning sunshine!! Woke up to a beautiful sunrise, and sometimes you have to wonder if Life put it there just for you, to make your morning that much sweeter and set the right mood for the day. It is 5am here and we’re getting ready to hit the road. Having been anticipating this trip Read More →

Window of Hope

Despite our difference in opinions and world views, there are things that unite us all. Hope is one of those things. These pictures were taken at a music festival last summer, where they had a tree for people to fill with their hopes and wishes. It was a great way to channel the energy that filled Read More →