IMG_0751Each morning the surfer grabbed his board, waxed it as every surfer knows to do, put on his wet suit and headed to the beach. There he sat waiting, waiting for the perfect wave. Other surfers went in the water riding all sorts of waves, getting better with each one, gaining speed and balance, even trying out new tricks. But we all know that good things happen to those who wait, so our surfer sat there waiting, being patient in his search for the right wave. The thing with waves is that they all come in different shapes and sizes; they can grow to be enormous or quickly fizzle out before you can catch your breath. 

In life we can choose to be the dry surfer, patiently awaiting for the right opportunity to jump in. Or we can simply dive in and ride each wave, big or small, fast or slow. There’s no right wave, there simply is surfing. The right moment is every moment.

Friday night was a busy one, which started right after work in the East Village for the Food Truck Frenzy. A lesson for all, get there early!! We got there just before 6pm and the food supply had been severely depleted by the hungry mobs that had started lining up hours before us. Not to worry, I’m sure this is the first of many frenzies with warmer days ahead!

For the end of the week outfit I choose a pair of black skinnies, a denim shirt, a white blazer and my new pink loafers which made me feel like Dorothy – modern version. 



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