Why do we run away from the things we love? If we love the sun, why do we close the blinds? If we love the rain, why do we hide inside? If we love to be happy, why do we choose to stay mad? There’s a certain discomfort with the unusual, with letting our hairs stand up when we are cold, with sweating on hot day, with soaking up the rain. But, can you imagine a world without cold, hot, sun or rain. Can you imagine a world without love or without pain? We must allow ourselves to feel, to feel intensely all the spectrum of the game. The game that is life, that is love, that is learning, failing and learning again. It’s ok to feel discomfort. No one ever died from feeling new sensations. Stay in the place until the discomfort feels less dis and more comfort. Feel the spectrum, and take all of life in.

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Although unintentional, my combo of skinny camo pants and a this mustard yellow coat made me look like a tree ^_^ But that’s ok, if you ask me everything in nature just seems to fit. The colors change, the seasons change, but everything still looks as pretty as it always did.


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