I want to share with you a story about a little boy. My friend told me when her son was little, he used to pick up flowers for her as a present to say I love you, to say thanks or just to make her smile. One day his school friend asked him:  “Why do you give your mom dandelions? They’re not flowers, they’re just weeds”. That was the last day he gifted his mom with a dandelion.
Labels can often be misleading. We may think we are dealing with a flower when in fact we are dealing with a weed, in which case be quick to nip it at the bud. But sometimes, we may be dealing with a flower and because we’ve labeled it a weed, we may fail to see the brightness it can bring to our life. Look at the essence beyond the label and enjoy things for what they are.
If you are like me and love playing with colour, a great addition to your wardrobe is a pair of coloured skinnies. The embellished top has just the right combination of feminine and badass with a touch of bling to hit the right note. For accessories, I like to keep things simple but I love earrings, which are big and yellow like the dandelions in the field. Despite Pantone announcing that Tangerine Tango is the colour for 2012, I’ve chosen yellow for my 2012.

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