When we begin a journey it is difficult to determine all the twists and turns we are going to face along the way. What begins with a feeling turns into an idea, and that idea evolves into a game where we don’t always know the players, and we don’t always know how to play. What tends to keep us going is the desire to achieve something, to make a contribution and leave our mark on this world. 

 What began with falling in love with music at a young age, over the years evolved into something much larger, and today it’s  what keeps Ben Midwicki up at night. As a music producer , DJ and owner of the record label Philthtrax his biggest motivation is making a contribution to the music community, making a new style and helping the industry and audiences around the world progress into a new era. Ben is not just chasing dreams, he’s fueling movements.

 A triple threat with the brains and the drive to think big and follow through, Ben remains grounded, open and real admitting that fear sometimes holds him back, which is hard to believe as he seems to keep on truckin’ like nobody’s business. Outside of his 9 to 5, Ben has been forging his own path in the world of footwork, a music genre originating out of Chicago that inspires a style of street dance with the same name. Prior to starting his label, he was making waves in Canada and abroad with his crew Philthkids. With so much on his plate and so much left to accomplish there almost is no room left for laziness, chicken wings or even watching a hockey game, he jokes. 

 There certainly is no time for downers, though. For Ben, it’s not about who you know, but who you avoid. Being around people that say you can’t, why you can’t, or why you shouldn’t will hold you back in ways immeasurable. The value of a good roots system that supports the pursuit of your dreams will go far in helping to take you and your craft to the next level.  

So, if you are ready to start fueling movements, step away from the chicken wings, turn of the TV, surround yourself with people who believe in you, and go big or go home.  

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Ben thank you for inspiring us with your drive and dedication. We feel and celebrate you!

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