When people say we only use 6 or 10% of our brains, it does not mean that the rest of the neurons sit there in atrophy. Au contraire, our brains are smart organisms and therefore certain areas of the brain shut down when they are not being used. If you think of it, it’s similar to a computer. When you have too many windows and applications running the computer heats up and slows down. Our brains are similar; we can’t use all our brain at a given time, just like we can’t use every single muscle all at once. Our organisms are a reflection of who we are, and therefore we can never aim to have it all.
Having it all would look like a supernova explosion combined with a seizure and a melting brain, which is why it’s important to prioritize, to focus on a particular area or a few at a time. We want to have it all, that sweet job, work out every day, read books, travel the world, learn a new language, start a business, hang out with our friends, have a few drinks here and there, have nice things, build dreams, save money, and dance the night away. But in reality, there’s no room for everything all at once, which is why we find ourselves dissatisfied with certain areas of our lives. Perhaps we’re still in debt, perhaps we’ve gained some weight, perhaps we haven’t travelled much, and perhaps we got lost in the way. Some of these activities are mutually exclusive, and some simply yield low returns. I stopped drinking well over a year ago. I spent a lot of time and money, and the only tangible return was a hangover the following day.  We gave away our TV because it’s a vortex of time. This is just an example, but it made room for so many other things that I wouldn’t had been able to do because I was too busy thinking of what patio to sit at each day, or which TV show would hypnotize my brain. It may sound a little radical to some, but it worked. Don’t be afraid to let go of the good to go for the great.

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Don’t be afraid to break the rules… who said you can only wear one belt at once? 


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