imageA friend who’s been married for 34 years told me that the secret to a long marriage is to never stop courting your spouse. He said it’s important to keep being affectionate towards one another, to kiss, and to keep the romance alive. As with everything else in life, relationships need upkeep. Just like plants need to be watered every day, relationships need their daily dose of good, good lovin’. A gentle touch, a soft kiss, and a not-so-gentle throw down will always be welcome, never really bothered anybody, and can definitely take you back to those first moments full of butterflies and sweaty palms.

We must remember to keep doing nice things for each other, because there’s no better pay-off than seeing the one you love smile.


Originally this was going to be an all blue outfit (navy blazer, electric blue skinnies, and a light blue button up shirt), which would’ve ended up as such if Spring had arrived on time. But, for us Calgarians Spring is synonym with snow, so I had to unwillingly dig through my coats and scarves to ensure that Frank and I had an evening without hypothermia. Mission accomplished, minus the total-blue-look. Oh well, we shall try again soon enough.


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