What is better than new shoes? Worn in shoes, of course, after you have broken them in and mould them to fit perfectly your feet. What if you could skip over the breaking in part, and just have awesome new shoes that fit perfectly? Well, thanks to Poppy Barley, and Edmonton based company, now you can. They make boots and shoes to measure, in a variety of models that allow you to customize colours and hardware so you can make your already perfect shoes a bit more personal. 

For their one year anniversary, they are launching a Poppy Barley Ambassador Program, so if you are as big of a shoe lover as I am, which I know you are, you can apply directly here. Good luck to all and good luck to me! hehe I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair!

IMG_4506 IMG_4560 IMG_4529 IMG_4542 IMG_4520 IMG_4549_2 IMG_4540 IMG_4527 IMG_4558 IMG_4548 IMG_4514 IMG_4559 IMG_4538 IMG_4518 IMG_4554 IMG_4545 IMG_4509 IMG_4530 IMG_4503 IMG_4507

Every girl needs a pair of ruby slippers to click our heels when we want to go home. Because, there is no place like home.


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