When I met with Shawtee Re, an up and coming Canadian hip hop artist from Calgary, I felt inspired. As of today, she’s signed with Sony Red in New York and is working with music producers that have worked with Kelly Rowland and Nelly for their song Dilemma. A natural hustler with big aspirations, she’s paved a path for herself and aims to be at the Juno’s next year. Nothing short of a big ass dream, she confessed that part of her success has been attributed to being a little naive and having a big ego. She’s not afraid to tell you she’s the best female hip hop artist in Canada. She’s not afraid to break away from her previous managers and go out, promote herself and learn about the music business on her own.

 “It all starts with making the decision to believe, to believe in your dreams and to believe that you can do it, and not blocking it with something else. A lot of the things that stop us are our own beliefs, or people telling us we can’t do it, or the ego saying there’s only one way to do it, or that we can’t. But you can’t listen to that voice.”

(I get shivers just by writing these words. So on point.)

Part of Shawtee Re’s confidence can be attributed to the successes she’s achieved along the way, including opening for Flo Rida and being nominated as Radio Invasion Female Artist of the Year! For a dream that started four years ago with piano lessons and a music composition class to strengthen her talent as a lyricist, these are big milestones to be celebrated. 

The road to building your dreams is not always easy so I asked her to share some of her struggles as an artist, which she summarized in two points: being open about sharing her personal story, and the role of female artists in the world  of hip hop. Initially Shawtee Re felt uneasy about revealing too much about herself, especially the darker side that she felt people would judge her for. But it was not until she opened up about growing up with an alcoholic mom, and putting behind her life in the streets that she really found her style as an artist. Leaving her inhibitions behind and opening up about her past also helped her navigate through the stereotypes of women in hip hop like being the sexy b!tch or the bad b!tch. Shawtee Re was finally free to simply be herself. “It is our imperfections that make us perfect. We don’t have to be one thing or another.”

 With the freedom to express her true self, the guts to promote her music, and the drive to get past any hurdle, Shawtee Re is getting ready to go on tour and represent Canada. You can view her latest video release here

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Shout out to you Shawtee Re for having the innocence to dream a big dream, for having the strength to use your past to catapult you into the future you’ve imagined for yourself, and for the guts to go all in despite the nay-sayers, the stereotypes and the ego which often hold us back. Thank you for inspiring us with your story. Big up girlie, see you under the bright lights!


Thank you Life!


Tell me what you think ;)

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