Last Thursday I was invited to the Mexx VIP Shopping Soirée, which celebrated the opening of their new store in Market Mall. Upon arrival we were greeted by Shanon, the store manager, who took us through 20 years of Mexx history, from their early beginnings  importing clothing into Europe from India, to the merging of their two clothing lines Moustache (men’s wear) and Emanuelle (ladies’ wear) in 1986, which were joined by a kiss XX. And so, Mexx was born and over the years they added new lines including children’s clothing and an athletic line that was later discontinued.

We also had the opportunity to go back in time revisiting some of the ads that Mexx has run over the years, which carried the theme of “the kiss”. it’s interesting how a bit of history can give so much meaning to a brand. Plus, I love the fact that it all started with a kiss!

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A little someting something

A little someting something . . . Thank you Mexx ^_^

IMG_2247 IMG_2240 IMG_2244 IMG_2241 IMG_2234 IMG_1404

Just a couple DJ's posing ^_^

Just a couple DJ’s posing ^_^


Introducing the Kid's line

Introducing the Kid’s line


Shanon, taking us back in time through two decades of Mexx history.

Shanon, taking us back in time through two decades of Mexx history.


With Shanon, the store manager

Thank you for showing us around and having a fabulous time with us! xx

IMG_2237 IMG_2230 IMG_2256

And just when I thought I was done wearing tights, Mother Nature surprised us with a few cold and rainy days forcing me to bundle up a bit more than I was getting used to. What else was I wearing? A Mexx see-through top, a funky skirt purchased a few years ago, a fuscia belt that’s been with me since my high school years (remember, don’t throw things away and almost always wear a belt), a black cardigan and a Mexx blazer to keep the spring chills at bay.


Thank you for reading!


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