Last year I got into a fight with Fear. I figured that Fear was not a good friend to keep around. Fear was a bit of a downer, and it never really wanted to do anything I wanted to do. So we broke up. Then I started this blog, which has led to a million adventures, new faces, and indescribable experiences that wouldn’t have happened had I not taken the first step.
No need to hold on, Fear is better off alone too.
What to wear is always a big question on every girl’s mind, but what to wear to a fashion show is a huge question. I like to think of the the pieces the designers are going to be showing and start there. Then I add a bit of me, and voila!
The result: a bit of street with a bit of class.
Knowing that the Cab City line has a very urban feel, and that its streetwear pieces are edgy and easy to wear, I choose to wear a pair of black shorts with tights (because it’s still winter for some of us) and a Hello Kitty top. I really love this shirt! It’s playful and it makes you smile, and when your outfit makes you smile you automatically get bonus points. Except the top can be a little too casual on its own, specially for a fashion show, so to dress up a bit I wore it with a white blazer. Finally, when you are thinking about accessories, you gotta think of it like the icing on the cake. Don’t over do it, but make sure it complements nicely the rest of the look.
Nothing too fancy, but you gotta make sure you stand out.
Thanks for reading!
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4 Thoughts on “Kitty says Hello

  1. Adri – me encanta tanto tus notas que hasta me estoy volviendo mas conciente de lo que me pongo hasta el punto que ya no uso la camisa de los Leones del Caracas cada sabado jajaja saludos

    Leo T

    PS: tirate una nota en español… abrazos

  2. Jajajaja excelente! Esa camisa tuya si necesitaba un descansito porque no se perdia ni una sola fiesta!

    PS: se tendra en cuenta tu sugerencia parcero ;) Saludos a Marce y un abrazo!
    . . . y gracias por leer!!!

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