I sometimes find that driving for an external goal is easier than driving for a personal one. For example, performing well at work is easier than getting myself to the gym every day, because at work I have other people to impress and to prove myself to; I am reporting to someone other than myself, and this person knows what I’m up to most of the time. There’s a level of fear, too, that if I underperform an undesired consequence will unfold, such as losing my job, not getting that promotion, or getting reprimanded in some other way. In a work setting, the rules are clear for the most part. Work hard, play nice, achieve results, keep your job, and maybe get a promotion along the way.

But when it comes to our personal goals, we know the rules but for some reason we don’t take them as seriously. Perhaps it is because we have a false sense of control. If I don’t do this today, that’s ok, I’m tired, and I’ll make up for it tomorrow, except we don’t. When we are the boss, we are lenient and we tend to procrastinate. Anyway, it’s always easier to follow instructions than to take the lead. But it’s our life, and aren’t we giving away our power when we don’t take the initiative ourselves? I guess there’s a certain pain involved with the process of creation, with learning, thinking critically, leading and with taking care of ourselves that we tend to avoid. But, if we are not prepared to take the initiative in our own lives, we’ll always be climbing up someone else’s ladder, and we’ll never find our own path.

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As I walked down the street, I noticed this yellow tree, shining upon this big grey rock as if it had light of its own. There was nothing around it to match it’s beauty, but that’s the magic of life. It’s the little details that brighten up your path, and made this the perfect place to stop for a few shots. Plus, the yellow background brought a nice contrast to the autumn shades of  the brown leather and this funky skirt. The scarf was borrowed from my friend Vivian, who abandoned it a few months past. Another lady with great taste, missing her beautiful scarf.


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