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Let’s Play | Feeling Urban


Our daily routine can sometimes make the days seem long and endless, meanwhile we all look back in amazement at a year gone by toO quickly. These are the contradictions of life, both wrong and right at the same time. 2013 kicked my ass and put me to bed for the last days of the year, with nothing else to do but slow down, heal my body, rest my mind and recharge my soul. I can now look forward with a full charge and a big smile to welcome 2014, a year where I want to inject my life with PLAY, play with my love, play with my friends  and my family, play in new places I’ve never been to before, play new games, play with my emotions which I sometimes tend to take very seriously and zap the joy when there is no need, play to win and to lose because both are inevitable and neither last forever, play till the end only to be free to start all  over again.

May Life continue to give us in abundance and may we be free to play like children again. 



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Do you want your dreams to come true?

Whether it be riches, fame, world peace or bring Krillin back to life?

Find all the Dragon Balls and make it possible! 


(as seen in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the picture below)


Thank you for reading!


Tell me what you think ;)

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