We don’t see trees floating in space, or comets swimming in our oceans. Our stomachs don’t hang from our arms, and it is our face that always wears our smile.  Everything has its place in the universe; everything has a reason for being what it is. Trust that everything in your life has a reason, that every person that has come and gone has done so for a reason. Even when we wish they hadn’t left us so soon. Every experience is a lesson. Every pain we feel makes us stronger. But in the end there’s only love. Love for ourselves. Love for each other. Love for the magic that is Life.  

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I used to be uncomfortable matching things that didn’t have similar hems, like this short sleeved blazer and this long white shirt, but what are rules for if they are not meant to be broken? Experiment, play, break the rules. Who gives a poop?


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