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Nurturing the challenge | Feeling Urban
Sometimes we just need to let go and start living in the challenge. And keep at it. So many times we try to rush things to a conclusion, so that we can move on to the next thing. Yet, so often it is just time that situations need. Every event needs time to unfold, every athlete needs time to practice, and every craftsman needs time to perfect its craft. Whatever the task at hand maybe, it often just requires our time and attention. In reality, all things need to be nurtured. Challenges need time and attention, and so does our work and family life. We need to slow down and appreciate time. Hastiness only makes us tired, but nurturing our world will give us a strong hold on the reigns of our life so that we may quickly react when the situation calls for it.
Remember, to nurture is to rule.
The snow melts, and the water runs down the hill as the sun shines through the alley. One of those views that makes you look twice and stay there for a moment just taking it all in.
There’s something fascinating about trees not being green. It would look strange to draw a red tree, but in nature it just looks like it belongs.
For those of us lacking a few grand to spend on an expensive outfit, colour combination is key. I usually start with two or three colours in mind and then see what I can find in my closet. This combination of light pink, navy and brown   is just lovely!
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