Every task is just as important as the next. Size alone doesn’t prioritize tasks, and it’s sometimes the smallest tasks that are the most important. When we say: “I have better things to do”, it really means “There’s other things I’d prefer to be doing right now”. Preferences tend to complicate things and frustrate us.
We should approach every day and every task not with boredom and disdain, but as if it was our masterpiece.
I felt inspired by my previous post and decided to keep the animalistic trend going for a little longer. This time I kept the palette simple to suit the print, and added a splash of colour with my burgundy wedges.
Who doesn’t need a pair of burgundy heels? Love them!
Speaking of masterpieces, Calgary always delivers the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets, especially during the Winter. Pink and purple skies to wake you up in the morning. What can I say?
Thank you Life!
. . . and . . .
Thanks for reading!
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