At the end of last year, I started interviewing people who I felt were inspiring, picking their brains and sharing with you some of the most valuable lessons they’ve applied to their lives. One of the pieces of advice that resonated most with me came from fellow blogger Kendall Barber.

“To inspire others, you first have to inspire yourself.”

Last year was a year of new beginnings for me, I started DJing and long boarding with Frank, moved to a new city for my job, made my first turkey for Easter, went to my first fashion show, went to my first glass couture show, did my first interview, did a couple giveaways (including the super awesome Nokia Lumia 1020), started getting my finances in order and now I’m happy to report I’m credit card debt free woohoo!!! Still chipping away at those pesky student loans, but it’s only a matter of time until we clear them off completely, too.

The one area that I definitely felt was lacking was my fitness. Aside from long boarding and the horizontal tango, there was not much I could tack on to the list of calorie burning activities. I was starting to feel groggy and lethargic, but your twenties are definitely too early to experience this, so towards the end of the year Frank and I started going to hot yoga, not frequently enough to make a huge difference but it was a start.

So, I decided to change up my priorities and put fitness back on top, taking away the need to decide each day whether I felt like working out or not, and taking away any excuses I could summon to skip the gym. Now, it’s become a routine that I look forward to each week. Kickboxing was something Adriana Lima made cool a few years ago, but I never imagined it would be that fun to kick and punch things. Soooo fun! And now with Ronda Rousey shinning in the octagon, female fighting has reached a whole new level of cool, but that’s a different story.

Ok, so here’s what I’ve learned so far:

1)      When I start doing something I suck. I pretty much define the standard for the person who sucks the most, but I get better each time.

2)      It hurts. A lot. But, in a good way. It hurts to push past your limit, but it feels awesome to know you are better, faster, stronger than you were the day before.

3)      Pain is good because it makes you stronger and more resilient. Kicking bags hurts my chins, but each day the pain feels less and less.

4)      The voice in your head that tells says you can’t go any further tends to be wrong. There’s always some juice left for that last push up, that last punch, that last kick. I think people refer to it as “having heart”.

5)      When I’m working out I have less time to worry about stupid shit, and that alone is pure bliss!

Moral of the story: Don’t skip your work out. Show your heart in everything you do, and stop telling yourself you can’t do something. And, lastly, if you are going through hard times (aren’t we all?), remember it is this that makes you stronger. You don’t get wiser from not making any mistakes, you don’t get stronger without a little pain, and you don’t grow if you don’t push yourself.

IMG_5037 IMG_5047 IMG_5021 IMG_5029 IMG_5031 IMG_5050 IMG_5023 IMG_5035

An all grey outfit for the cold grey days seemed to go perfectly with these wicked Adidas high tops which have climbed to #1 in my list of favorite shoes ever! 

PS: If you are interested in boxing, kick boxing or muai thai classes in Edmonton check out Panther Gym. Wicked people, really positive vibes, and a killer work out!


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