Things won’t make sense to anyone until they start working out, then people will stop asking why you are doing things, and they will begin asking how you are making things happen. Regardless, don’t abandon your ship until it has reached your paradise.

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Now that the days are getting warmer I can finally let my legs breathe, and this turquoise skirt was the winner of the day. I wanted to pair it with a light top and a belt, because rarely ever do I skip out on wearing one. A belt just seems to pull any outfit together, making it one of my favourite accessories to play with. This particular belt was stashed away in drawer, not having been worn in ages, but hey – with fashion, you don’t want to throw things away. You might stash certain pieces  out of sight at times, but things come back in style and at the end of the day, it’s more useful to have a bigger selection in your closet to play with. The belt had few different tones of pastels, so I opted for wearing these open toe pinkish pumps that are such a classic. And, to avoid going for the “Little house in the Prairie” look, I choose this brown leather jacket which kept the look more urban and in the moment. IMG_2183

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