As a little girl in school, I remember our teachers made us do little projects customized for each holiday theme, you know, little knick knacks to give to our parents as presents: happy farther’s day cards, a little snow man for the fridge during christmas time, a jewellery box made out of popsicle sticks for mom on mother’s day. With some sense of purpose injected into us by both our teachers and the flavour of the season, we were able to turn seemingly uninteresting objects into our precious works of art worthy of display in the living room coffee table, until the colours faded away, or until said object of our creation was replaced by that of a younger one. 

Without purpose, though, popsicle sticks are just popsicle sticks, not a cute little gift for mom.

With an idea in mind, we were able to transform things. I think that’s what people mean when they talk about finding your purpose. Purpose is the ability to create and transform. With a goal in mind, we start adjusting all aspects of our lives in the same direction, and we start gaining momentum. With a goal in mind, things start falling into place and we are able to transform our lives into a whatever we want. Talent alone won’t get us to the finish line, we also need purpose and execution. 

My attempt for an all black outfit was sabotaged by colour in the form of purple flats (because every girl needs a pair, right?), and a bright   infinity scarf (because the minute the sun goes down it feels like winter again).

But if the sun is out, roll up your skinnies and let the ankles come out and play!IMG_0380


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