I was watching the movie The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio for the first time, I know, how long has it been out for? At least a decade, but I just got to it last night. There were a few words that really caught my attention, that lingered way after the movie was done: the pursuit of pleasure.

Before I started this blog, I was looking for a way to answer the question of “Who is Adriana?”, and all my answers reflected simply what I did for entertainment: read books, dance, hang out with friends, listen to music, work out. For none of these I had a goal; these were just things I did for fun. But when people ask you to tell them a bit about yourself, you want to sound impressive and my answer was falling short of my expectations.

After watching The Beach, something clicked that made realize that the pursuit of happiness is different than the pursuit of pleasure. Everyone will have a different opinion as to where the line lies that divides these two, but in my opinion happiness is more long term and pleasure is more about instant gratification. Happiness is something that builds over time, similar to how an athlete might feel when she qualifies to the Olympics. Pleasure is a sensation of the moment, such as tasting delicious food, or having a fabulous time at your friend’s birthday bash. Neither is right or wrong, but sometimes we can forget to think about what will make us happy tomorrow because we spend most of our time looking for those things that will give us pleasure in this moment. For example, if we have some free time and we find ourselves bored, seldom do we think of a project we could start, such as is printing photos for that family album you’ve been thinking of putting together for months, writing a short story, learning a new language, or putting on those yoga DVD’s you bought so long ago. The sheer thought of starting a project seems daunting. It’s easier to opt for picking up the remote control and clicking away just to see what’s on. Happiness or pleasure, it still remains our choice.

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Let’s face it, mother nature turned the thermostat off, and now we have to dig in to our closets to find those warm and cozy pieces that keep the cold away and our bodies warm. This Levi’s sweatshirt is both soft and fuzzy and comes in one of my favourite colours of all time: coral. I swear there’s not a single lady that does not look good wearing this colour. Paired with my favourite navy skinnies, black boots and gold accents this mix seemed to be bring enough sparkle to brighten up a cold winter night. 


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