When I started writing this blog in May of last year, I was at a pivotal point in my life, trying to make sense of many things, trying to find out where I stand and what I stand for, and trying to find inspiration. None of us have all the answers and we never will. Plus the answers might change depending on which stage of our life we find ourselves in. Nevertheless, I found that going through the process of writing down the ideas in my head, helped me get a clearer sense of direction and purpose. It gave me a better defined map as I was able to channel all the voices in my head into ONE voice. Less chatter, more purpose. The journey also took me to places I’d never been to before, and it allowed me to meet wonderful people, making wonderful things happen.
In the past year I was reminded that I am the Capitan of my own ship. No more of this trying to find out where I fit in, and no more living on autopilot, going through the motions and waiting for things to either happen, change or go away. Up to this point I had followed a fairly linear path, as I had traced out for myself at a young age: go to University, get a degree, start working and things will work out from there. And they have, but after the excitement of graduation and trying to find a job you enjoy and that challenges you, well you start asking yourself more questions. Now that I’m here, now what? I found myself liking where I was, but what I lacked was passion. It’s like having that boyfriend that is nice, but tame. There’s no passionate kiss, there’s just a simple peck. I didn’t want to live like that, but I didn’t know where to start. I don’t even know where I want to end up, but I know without a doubt in my heart that eventually, I want my time to be mine.
The trick is that it doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you start and keep at it. We can learn anything, and apparently it takes 10,000 hours to master something. So, I now have in my mind that self discipline is one of the best super powers we have, known to some, mastered by only a few. Most often than not, we know what we have to do, but seldom do we listen to that voice and follow through. So here’s to a year of follow through, of adventures and dreams come true. Hope you stick around, but more importantly I hope to inspire you to find something and see it through.


Thank you for reading!


3 Thoughts on “Resurrection

  1. omg! i was just thinking about this the other day. finally found that elusive “career job” a year ago, which i really enjoy. but i was so used to chasing the “well… now what?!” i don’t know where i want to end up either, but i was happy to see your post about the same thing :)

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