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Now that you’ve seen the glass couture pieces from the fashion show, it’s time to put the spotlight on the people. Here I am with the Producer of Burst, Emily Barnett, who along with her team managed to pull of a fantastic event in only five weeks. Talk about performing under pressure! By the end Read More →


I was so excited when my friend and fellow blogger Emily Barnett from Living 11 let me know about Burst , a fashion show she was working on, ¬†which was going to be featuring glass couture pieces from around the world, including a number of pieces from local and Canadian artists. Ok, so back up Read More →


¬† When people talk about having a childlike innocence, I think they are referring to being non-discriminatory (i.e. not picky). You give a kid a colouring book and he’s a happy camper, you give him toys, marbles, sticks, rocks, balls, basically he’s happy with whatever you put in front of him. It’s not hard to Read More →